I Won the Lotto!

lottery-winnerActually, no, I didn’t.

I wish I did.

But I was watching a TV show (which I usually end up doing) and there was a murder mystery regarding a lottery winner, and it got me thinking.

What would you do if 123,000,000 dollars essentially fell in your lap? One hundred and twenty-three million dollars. All for you.

(If you happen to have over a hundred million lying around your house, this doesn’t apply to you. Also, do you mind sending a few grand to help a young blogger in need? *wink* )

I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what I would do with that kind of cash.

The first conclusion I came to is that anything over a million dollars in an obscene amount of money. So I would end up donating a good chunk of it. I’d donate it to family, to researching Spinal Muscular Atrophy, to various humane societies… The things that are important to me. Let’s just say I end up donating seventeen million.

That still leaves me with one hundred and six million dollars, which is an enormous amount in my mind.

I would set aside approximately ten million so I and my soon-to-be husband would only have to work if we really wanted to, which I can just about guarantee that we would. Energetic people don’t sit still very easily.

Eight million would go to travel, although I would probably end up only using a small portion of it. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d rather act like a local than a tourist. The most lavish spending in that area would be for first-class plane tickets, because anyone who has traveled coach can tell you that it is misery in a tin can a mile above the ground.
If I have to be in any tin can suspended in the clouds, I would at least like to have a little bit of leg room.

"Our in-flight meal today will be: your knees, lightly salted."

“Our in-flight meal today will be: your knees, lightly salted.”

I would buy a plot of land and set aside approximately half a million to build my hobbit hole. Chances are, it wouldn’t take that much. But better safe than sorry, you know.

Another million would go to collecting my menagerie of pets. Dogs, cats, a hedgehog, snakes, lizards, horses, a goat… Those animals and their care are certainly not cheap.

Not pictured: the several hundred dollars to purchase, care for, and keep the cute little bugger happy.

Not pictured: the several hundred dollars to purchase, care for, and keep the cute little bugger happy.

After all this, I would still have eighty-six million just sitting around.

Less than a million would go to a new car. A Dodge Challenger, maybe, and a motorcycle like the Kawasaki Ninja. (And then there’s the comparatively miniscule amount for motorcycle lessons.)



Twenty million would be invested in a growing company, something that was guaranteed an income. Not that I would need it at that point, but just because.

Some would go to enrolling in college so I can continue with my education. Learning is good, you know.

Anything left over at that point would go into a savings account.

What about you? What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you spend it all? Hide it in the mattress? Give it away?

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